Local Hosts and Families

Interesting in being a friend to an international student?

That’s great! We are thankful for your interest in befriending international students and scholars and being a welcome presence in our community. It is truly a joy and privilege to get to know these students and spend time with them during the year, whether at your house for dinner, at their place, or just out somewhere together enjoying a movie, shopping, or attending a Bama sporting event. Our purpose is to extend caring friendship and Southern hospitality to these students, making their time here in Tuscaloosa a happy and memorable experience. If you are interested in being a friend to an international student, please complete the application form below:

What does it mean to be a TIF Local Family or Host?

Being a local host to an international student in Tuscaloosa can mean a variety of things, but basically it is just being a friend to that student. Being a “host” does NOT mean the student will live with you. Below are some ideas of things TIF families/hosts often do:

  • Invite them to your home for a meal
  • Give them rides to the grocery store
  • Invite them to join you at various holiday gatherings
  • Invite them to attend a local concert or sporting event
  • Help them understand various aspects of life in Tuscaloosa or American culture in general
  • Attend TIF’s annual events (Welcome Party, President’s Reception, Potluck, and Spring Picnic)
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